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The simple reason why you never get what you want

By Dr Berni Sewell | Discover your happiness

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Jun 08
Why the Universe is like Sheldon Cooper, and how this fact could ruin your life

When I was at the height of my anxiety, life as a whole was a threat. And it didn’t only seem this way. It was!

Every letter in my post box was a bill, demand note or bad news. Every train I took broke down or was delayed. Every electrical appliance I bought was faulty. Every cold going around would find its way to me.

I felt stressed, terrified and somewhat victimised. Everything I touched was destined to go wrong, turn into a catastrophe or make me unhappy.

And I couldn’t help but ask myself “Why does the Universe hate me?”

Until I started to watch “The Big Bang Theory” and I realised that the Universe doesn’t hate anybody! The problem is merely that the Universe behaves like Sheldon Cooper.

The fascinating reality of our Sheldon Cooper Universe

If you never heard of Sheldon Cooper, in summary, he lacks any social skills, is incredibly direct and blunt and, despite his super-human intelligence, is totally naive.

In particular, he has no sense for sarcasm or cynicism. He believes what people tell him. Without questioning, without looking for a deeper meaning, hidden agenda or alternative interpretation.

And the Universe is exactly the same. Which is one of the biggest stumbling blocks in our pursuit of happiness.

You see, the Universe loves us, unconditionally. It is completely devoted to all its creations and its only wish, purpose and mission is to give us everything we ask for, everything we want.

And that’s the massive problem we face…

Ask and you shall receive

Because the truth is that we never get what we deserve, we always get what we BELIEVE we deserve.

If our self-worth is low, we might not actually believe that we deserve happiness, a stress-free life, wealth, loving relationships or a thriving career.

Instead, we might say things like “I am useless. No wonder I never get what I want. I don’t deserve it. I am just too pathetic,” or “Every train I ever take is delayed. I am cursed.”

And the Universe listens. But it doesn’t look for a deeper meaning. It cannot sense your anxiety disorder, self-loathing or chronic negativity as the symptoms of low self-worth that they are.

All it hears is “never get what I want” or “train always delayed”. It believes that this is your deepest wish. Because you focus on it intensely. And because it loves you so much, it gives you what you want. Naively, without judgement or further interpretation.

It provides you with more situations that will make you feel useless, proof that you never get what you want and experiences that will reinforce your core beliefs. And it will gift you with more train delays (and even a few cancellations here and there).

Not because it is cruel. Simply because it wants to fulfill your deepest desires, the things your mind revolves around day in, day out. And it has no sense of negativity, sarcasm or self-condemnation. It just wants to help.

The importance of positivity

That’s the real reason why positivity is so important. To allow the Universe to present you with what you really wish for. Loving relationships, worry-free finances, fulfillment and finding your passions and purpose.

And the only way to start thinking positively (without having to lie to yourself), to truly believe that you deserve good things and positive outcomes, is through healthy self-worth.

Once you know that you ARE worth personified, regardless of your relationship status, career progression, financial situation or physical appearance, your thinking will change. It will be easier to think positively about yourself and your life. It will be more realistic to wish for good things in your life because you can start to believe that you deserve them.

And it will be possible for the Universe to grant your deepest desires. Because they aren’t obscured by your habitual negativity, fear and self-punishment.

Finally, the Universe will know how to truly make you happy!

All because you know that you ARE worth!


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