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You never get what you deserve, you always get what you believe you deserve

What is wrong with you?

You are looking for answers. You wish you could be happy. You are searching for a solution to your problems, an end to your struggles. And you are yearning for things to be better than they are right now. You are desperate.

You have already tried EVERYTHING!

And your life is still a struggle! You are still unhappy. And you ask yourself what is wrong with you. But the answer is: Nothing!

There is just one simple, but far too often overlooked, reason why your efforts aren’t paying off and your life never improves for long.

It's called low self-worth or worth amnesia.


Low self-worth causes your insecurity, lack of confidence, anxiety and unhappiness. It created your crippling self-doubt, your disfunctional relationships, your money troubles and your dead-end career. They are all merely symptoms of low self-worth.

If you suffer from low self-worth, it is secretly sabotaging your life. It is ruining all your chances of happiness from behind the scenes. You don't have a chance. Because you belief what it keeps telling you.

  • How could you ever love yourself if you feel worthless?
  • How could you ever succeed if you believe you are a failure?
  • How will you ever find a fulfilling relationship if you are unloveable?
  • How will you achieve your dreams if you doubt your abilities?
  • How can you ever get unstuck if you are too anxious to leave your comfort zone?

Low self-worth tricks you into believing that you are not good enough and irrelevant. It makes you feel unimportant and incapable. It convinces you that you are a pathetic loser or a social misfit.But it is lying to you!

You see, you ARE worth! Your natural, inner worth is infinite. You were born with it and you will die with it. You can never be worthless. It’s impossible. The problem is, you forgot all about it! And that’s the real cause of your struggles.

Without healthy self-worth you will never feel good enough to get that raise, to find that one special person who adores you or to achieve your dreams.
Without remembering your true worth you will never believe that you deserve happiness, peace, love and health. Suffering from worth amnesia you will always doubt that you are special enough to achieve that life of freedom, wealth, purpose and fulfillment you crave.
And the thing is…you always get what you BELIEVE you deserve!
If you feel that you are unworthy of anything good in your life, if you believe you deserve nothing, that’s what you will get: nothing!

Your unhappiness, your fears, the procrastination, your relationship problems and career screw-ups are not your real issue. Your problem is that you don’t remember your worth. And we can fix that!


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