New to The Self-Worth Experiment? Start here! - The Self-Worth Experiment

New to The Self-Worth Experiment? Start here!

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​​You found your way to this page because your life isn't going great.

You feel anxious in situations other people don't waste a thought on. You are trapped, stuck, never free to do what you want. You lay awake at night worrying, overthinking, full of fear.

You ​feel guilty or lazy when you prioritise yourself. You believe you have to be perfect and control every aspect of your life if you want to keep afloat. And you often feel like a fraud.

You long for purpose, direction. Your heart aches to follow your passions but fear, self-doubt and lack of confidence always suffocate your dreams.

You tried everything to overcome ​the toxic self-talk, self-sabotage and negativity. But you just can't manage to love and accept yourself, be content with who you are and improve your life. 

​You're exhausted, drained, at your wit's end. And there is only one reason for all your suffering.

The simple reason why you suffer

You never get what you deserve, you always get what you believe you deserve

All your problems are symptoms of low self-worth.

​You​ perceive yourself as inferior to most people. Somehow you feel less relevant, important and capable compared to others. You never feel good enough to cope with life or follow your dreams.

You believe that you don't deserve love, fulfilment and happiness. ​You deserve nothing good. So that's what you always get.

Because, deep down, you believe that you're worthless. ​But you couldn't be further from the truth!

The eye-opening ​truth about your worth
​​We grow up believing that we need to aquire external worth through money, success, qualifications, popularity and influence.
We hate ourselves when we make mistakes, experience failure and humiliation or don't meet our own high expectations. Because it diminishes our sense of worth.

But the truth is that worth is nothing we can have, earn or gain. Worth is something we ARE. It is the essence of our being.

As suc​​​​h, you can never gain worth, nor can you lose it!

​You ARE worth personified! Inherently, infinitely and unconditionally so.

And The Self-Worth Experiment exists to help you remember your true, inner worth!

How to remember your worth and heal your life

​It all starts with a simple mind shift - from "I have worth if I work hard, earn well, please everybody and make no mistakes" to "I AM worth regardless".

I have some free resources for you to help you achieve this belief shift and start your healing journey:

​My self-worth boosting articles

​Frequently asked questions

You say that I AM worth per​sonified. Where's the proof?

Can I really transform my life simply by healing low self-worth? It seems too easy.


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